Difference Between Cheap Web Design and Affordable Web Design

Last Update: January 7, 2021

Are you searching for a good deal in Web Design? Ever wondered why some people pay tens of thousands of dollars for a website while other people just paid less and cheap? 

People are so obsessed with saving a few bucks($$$) because it’s in the nature of humans to be attracted to the cheapest option. People who are looking for a cheap web design fall into one of these categories:

  • They are searching for a web designer who can offer them good quality services at a price that is within their small budget.
  • They don’t value website design and the ROI (Return Of Investment) it offers, and have unrealistic expectations as to what it should cost.
  • They’re  taking advantage of a desperate web designer.

In this blog post, let’s find out why going cheap is not the best option. 

Here are the reasons why Cheap Web Design service can actually be a waste of money, time, and, effort:

1.) Unprofessional

Your website represents your business online. Viewer’s impressions on your website have a big impact on your business. 

If your cheap website fails to provide good User Interface / User Experience, website visitors would most likely NOT convert into leads/sales. 

2.) Untrustworthy

Most people who decided to deal with cheap websites especially when you have a new business wanted to have a website. In the end, cheap websites will just bring you frustrations, annoyance, and regrets due to unrealistic expectations in having a cheap web design.

3.) Cheap Websites Are Not SEO-Friendly

Cheap websites bring you fewer customers because they’re not optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so. It is important for a website to be SEO Friendly from applying basic SEO Principles to in-depth SEO work is really important for your website’s search engine ranking.

4.) Cheap Websites Are Slower

Website speed is a huge factor that most people at first don’t consider when they run their business. However, we always get frustrated whenever we visit a slow website. Search engines like google also know about your site speed and will rank you lower if your site is too slow. Why? Because search engines want to provide the best user experiences and most relevant information to their customers. If your website takes a long time to load, the customer wouldn’t like to continue interacting and surfing on your website for a longer period of time. Search engines know this and use these metrics to determine the quality of your website. 

5.) Poor User Experience

User Interface and User Experience is a very crucial part in determining a good website. In implementing good websites, every part of the process is very important for the quality of the outcome. UI / UX is just one part of a process in developing a good website where it improves the user experience and customer satisfaction. An example of a good UI / UX Design is easy to navigate, good color combinations, eye pleasing, and many more. 

Cheap web designs are based on a template, which are not customized and don’t offer flexibility to create specific layouts.

6.) You Will Have To Rebuild The Website

In the long run cheap websites are often more expensive since you will most likely want to have your website revamped. We’ve seen entrepreneurs or business owners buying websites for a couple of hundred dollars and wondering why they are not having good results. Most of these cheap websites often cause slow speed, poor design components, poor customer support, and other bad factors. As a result, people who acquired cheap websites ended up in dealing with new web design which really is not cost-effective if you are thinking that cheap websites can save you money (this is a wrong notion especially those people who don't value websites).

To give you a summary of this blog post, here is a table of illustration to show you the difference of Bad (Cheap Web Design) and Good (Affordable Web Design):

Bad (Cheap Web Design)Good (Affordable Web Design)
- Not tailored for your business goals- Designed to help you achieve your business goals
- Takes too long to load- Loads fast
- Hard to navigate- Clear navigation
- Hard to find key information- All key information is easily accessible
- Waste of Money- Cost-Effective
- Small initial cost, with little to no results and no new customers over time.- Modest initial investment, paid off over time with results from new customers.
- Makes promises and “guarantees”.- Realistic and honest about what you can expect.
- Builds your website with cookie-cutter templates and zero customization.- Starts with a template, but customizes it to meet your unique needs.
- Goal: More traffic. Any and all kinds from everywhere.- Goal: More leads and sales through targeted traffic.
- Cheap web design is still using outdated design standards and practices. Doesn’t prioritize mobile.- Constantly sharpens their skills and builds with modern, mobile-first standards.
- Completely neglects necessary SEO guidelines.- Uses the latest Google-friendly SEO practices.


The fundamental problem in the web design industry is that small businesses want high quality websites, but many can only afford to pay around $500 - $1,000 for one. If you want a high quality website, pay enough price range for a better result.

Basically investing in affordable or expensive web design can save you a couple of money, lot of time, effort, and will bring you the best results.

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