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Last Update: October 15, 2021

Web design Industry’s continuous growth gave a lot of opportunity to Filipino Web designers.

With different people coming from different sides of the world it’s inevitable to encounter clients with different tastes and styles. That is why Filipino Web designers are more than willing to collaborate with these people with different cultures, values and opinions.

In this modern society,The Web design Industry has become one of the most in demand businesses especially to big companies and young professionals. May it be for those stable businesses, start-up businesses, or even for those who are just planning for a business.

Web design is a big help for a business given the fact that this platform can generate sales because of its availability to all online users internationally.

How Web Design generates sales? 

When your website’s design is appealing, it attracts more viewers and it adds credibility to your business. According to the Centre Study Of Communication,  Visuals easily capture people’s attention and have a powerful emotional impact.

How much more if it is aesthetically beautiful?

According to Datareportal, there are 73.91 million internet users in the Philippines as of 2021. With these numbers of internet users, Filipino Web Designers in the Web industry business are striving to cope with the continuous growth of users not just in the Philippines but all over the world. Because the more internet users, the more potential clients. 

Web Design in the Philippines continues to grow, which is why the number of Web Developer Agencies is also increasing.

What is a Web developer/development  Agency?

Web developer agency is in charge of the site. They are responsible for the operation of the website and bring the web design agency’s work to life.

Successful web developer agencies also handle big projects like famous artists’ websites and big businesses that need professional care.

Some Filipino web designers and developers also accept personal clients that they can work alone. Clients have the option to hire a web design/developer agency or individual freelance web designer/developer. As we have mentioned on our previous blog, web design in the Philippines is pocket friendly compared to other countries. Aside from that, many businessmen/business women seek a Filipino Web designer because they are easy to communicate with .

That is why Filipino web designers are also in demand globally. 

 How Web Design and Web Development Works?

After the web designer creates the website theme like logos, colors schemes etc., the web developer will transform the web designer’s aesthetic elements into a functional site. Think of it as a web designer as the architect and the web developer as the engineer. But of course, some professionals in this field can design and develop too.  

Additional Information:

Types of Web Design Layouts:

  • Dynamic- This type of website needs continuous updates. It changes its content every time it is viewed. (Examples: Blogs, e-commerce site, calendar)
  • Fixed- This type of website begins with a particular size determined by the web designer. Regardless of the browser window used to view the page. They retain the same width.
  • Static- This type of website is made to show similar data to each and every individual who utilizes their site pages. Nothing will change on the page unless the site developer makes modifications. 
  • Responsive- This is a type of website that allows a website’s appearance to vary dynamically depending on the position and size of the screen of the device being used. 
  • Single Page- This type of website has one page with no other pages such as team or services and about. This set-up in a scrolling format contains all of the content. 
  • Liquid- This type of website has the page elements that are proportionate to the width of the browser window.

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