How much is web design in the Philippines

Last Update: September 29, 2021

Web design is proven to have a big help and benefit for businesses out there in promoting a site or product and engaging with target users and a wide range of audience worldwide. While it seems pricey for others, website prices in the Philippinescost less than other countries, considering the Philippines' cost of living.

 Filipino Web Designers continue to adapt to changes as the online development especially the web design industry grows. These professionals are highly structured and competitive. Despite the limited time and budget, they put up their maximum effort to satisfy their clients.

Here are the average rate of a Filipino Web Designer/Developer

Average Salary: Php 517,991

Average Hourly: Php 249/hr

Average Bonus: Php 22, 222

Source: Economic Research Institute, Inc.

Php 30,000 or $600 is the fair estimate for a decent website in the Philippines and that already includes web hosting  and 1 year domain name registration.

But the cost for a web design will  still depend on the needs of the customers including the purpose of the website.

Here are the necessary things you need to pay for if you are planning to invest in a website/ web design:

  1. Domain- Name of your website. This is how people can find you. (, etc.)
  2. SSL (Security)- This is a digital security certificate that enables encryption between your website and your audience browser
  3. Web Hosting- This is needed to make your website available via the internet.
  4. CMS (Content Management System)- This tool is  for creating, editing and publishing content. By far the most popular CMS is Wordpress. In the software-built CMS market, Wordpress has a market share of roughly 60%.
  5. Web designer/ Developer- You may be charged by your web designer per project or per hour. It usually takes a month or more, depending on the website’s functionality and content. 

Responsive website- It means  that the functionality and layout will vary on mobile. This is known as “Mobile Optimization”. Responsiveness of a website greatly affects the user’s experience.
Responsive websites in the Philippines are now getting better because of Filipino Web designers/developers that are more than willing to make the web design industry an ever evolving one.

How’s Ecommerce in the Philippines?

Ecommerce Business in the Philippines continues to develop, thanks to the growing middle class, fast economic growth, and young population with an increasing number of internet and smartphone users. Despite the fact that there are still remote areas in rural places, development in online consumers and the adaptation of new age technology by logistics firms are projected to drive the Philippines ecommerce.

Here are the types of e-commerce:

  • B2B (Business-to-Business)- This is an act of selling wholesale from one firm to another through the internet.
  • B2C (Business-to-Consumer)- Customers buy things/products from the convenience of their own homes.
  • C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)- It’s a form of commercial relationship in which both sellers and purchasers are customers. It enables them to trade with each other through an online environment.

Why You Should Start an E-commerce Business?

The global e-commerce market is predicted to increase by 13 to 25% in the next several years and will continue to grow overtime. This is not just for entrepreneurs who want to expand their existing business but also for those who are young and newbies. As you can see, this is for everyone.

Hire Professional Web designer/developer

If you have already decided to take a risk and start your own ecommerce business, then hire professionals and let them help you reach your goals. Your money and effort are priceless. They will make a smart move and strategize well with your desired plan. This will help your business improve overtime and will save so much time on your end and on your consumer’s part as well. It is very important to save time, because time is money.

Your Business Represents You

It’s not just pure business but the most important thing about having a web design is that it connects you with people who need your products; people that need what you want to give. It is not just giving information and selling your brand. When you have a web design you have your own core, you have your theme. It creates and it becomes the facade of your business. More than that, it represents what you have to offer. It is not just convenient and efficient for your business, it also brings convenience to your consumers and audience. It is a win-win situation for both parties. 

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